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Tsaghkadzor is situated in the Kotayk province. Tsaghkadzor is beautiful in all of its manifestations. In summer, it’s gorgeous with its green forests, fresh air and mild weather. In winter, it turns into a fairy tale. The white snow takes us back to our childhood, awakening the child inside.
Tsaghkadzor is especially attractive for those who enjoy winter sports. Situated closer to Yerevan, it is an irresistible resort that stores unforgettable and beautiful memories.

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First things first, remember, this is not just a trip. This is a trip to Tsaghkadzor and that means it is going to be full of adventures, wonderful time and drive.
Just a small trip from Yerevan, and you will find yourself in the middle of gorges, slopes, mountains, lakes and forests.
Tsaghkadzor is a perfect mix of nature, culture and history.
It is impossible to imagine a trip to Tsaghkadzor and not visit Kecharis Monastery. It dates back to 11th century and it is the gem of the location. The high mountains and lush forests around the church make it a fantastic sight to behold.
If you are interested in culture, the Orbeli Brothers’ House Museum will undoubtedly satisfy your cultural thirst. Here you can get to know their personal items, work artifacts, and scientific exponents.
Here in Tsaghkadzor you can also see the Monument of Leonid Yengibarov, one of the greatest Armenian circus artists.

It’s winter, and you are planning a trip to Tsaghkadzor? Be ready for an adventurous time. Whether you are a professional, or you are just learning to ski, you are going to have an enjoyable time. The beautiful nature, snowy mountains and fresh air are a wonderful bonus.

Tsaghkadzor is waiting for you, be it a winter or summer, you are going to have real fun here!

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