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Jermuk, situated in the Vayots Dzor Province, is one of the most popular locations of medical tourism. Yet, Jermuk is suitable for everyone who looks for an interesting, full and memorable trip.
From waterfall to ropeway, from culture to nature – Jermuk is full of pleasant surprises and attractions. Here, in this part of Armenia, each tourist will find something close to his/her interests and expectations.

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Jermuk never fails to attract and fascinate. This is a special and magnificent part of the world that holds the beauty of nature, its mysteries and heritage of ages. Here in Jermuk you will never be bored. Admire the majestic beauty of Jermuk waterfall. It has a healing, cleansing and calming effect on people. Water from the mountains – what can be more amazing?

Another landmark in this magnificent location is Gndevank Monastery. The 10 th century Monastery will take you back to history and fascinate with its mediaeval Armenian architecture. If you are in Jermuk and do not visit the Hot spring then you will not enjoy Jermuk to the fullest. There are over 40 healing springs in the territory. They have long been known for their curing properties. For more active travelers the Ropeway is a wonderful choice. Admire the nature from above, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the water reservoir down.

At last, the trip will not be complete if you do not visit the Deer Monument. After all, according to a legend, deer is the symbol of Jermuk.

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