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Dilijan is the little
Switzerland of Armenia

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Situated in the Tavush region of Armenia, Dilijan embraces the irresistible beauty of nature, unique culture, the secrets and flavor of Armenian cuisine and wisdom of the centuries. Here in Dilijan, the world seems a better place to live in, the air is fresher and healthier and the history is everywhere.

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Your trip to Dilijan will become one of those unforgettable memories to behold in your memory bank and cherish it. Dilijan has this peculiar ability to attract from the first breath.

The air, nature, majestic churches and monasteries transfer you to another world, another dimension. During your trip to Dilijan, make it your priority to visit Haghartsin Monastery. This is a beauty you cannot resist. Goshavank Monastery is another landmark you absolutely need to see. Also, don’t forget to visit the Geological Museum and Art Gallery of Dilijan. Here you will learn more about this magnificent location, its traditions and customs. Another attraction waits for you in the very heart of the city – the Amphitheatre. It will take you back in time to experience the architectural beauty of a Greek-style building of the modern times.

After appreciating the cultural miracles in Dilijan, hiking is the best way to learn more about the natural wealth of the region. Dilijan National Park is a great option to feel and breath nature in its fullest. Dilijan is easy to love and difficult to forget!

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