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The Aragatsotn Province, home to the country’s tallest mountain, Aragats, is not a place to miss for nature and history lovers especially. The city of Aparan is one of the prominent cities in Aragatsotn. It’s located on the Yerevan-Spitak highway. There are several eye-catching sites here that visitors should check out when passing through.
One of them is the Kasagh Basilica (also called the Basilica Church of St. Khach), a very old Armenian church that is believed to have been built in the late 4th century.

The “foot of Aragats”

Most people associate Aragatsotn simply with the massive Mt. Aragats, the dormant volcano that hovers over the northern reaches of Armenia. Though tiny in area, Aragatsotn contains a remarkable profusion of landscapes, from Aparan’s verdant meadows, through the deep river gorges of Kasakh and Amberd, over the patchwork of vineyards and orchards around Ashtarak, to dry lunar like landscapes west of Talin. Above all, like a crown of the region, rises the cone of Aragats, with its four crests, crystal lakes and fragile alpine ecosystems.​

The history of Aragatsotn, or the “foot of Aragats” as the name translates, can be traced to the time when the volcano was still quite active. The province is blessed with an astonishing array of historical monuments.

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